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Building Community

Humans have are competitive, that's well known. It can be a good thing! It's what drives scientists to further their research, and we wouldn't have great games like the Superbowl if it wasn't for that health competitive spirit. But there is also a part of our lives that needs community to help push to our best self!

So Many Doors, So Little Time!

You all have heard me say it on my lives, I can't possibly make a wreath for every door in the world! That is why I surround myself with like minded entrepreneurs from the crafting community. We laugh together, cry together, and even inspire each other. The crafting world is a collection of people who just want to make beautiful decor, and in doing that they often create beautiful friendships. We each have our own niche' and this helps provide perfect decor for each customer.

How In The World Did You Do That?!

That is what I often say when one of my crafting friends shows me a new wreath, wood cut out, or bow they created. And that's what I love! When you get a group of creative people together they often bring to the table things you never thought about. The trick is to not look at it as a threat. No one creates a new design style by sitting in a dark room thinking of ways to out do you....we need to be inspired! Positive inspiration is how we design beautiful things. When you are part of a true community, with a mind set and actions of community over competition, there is no limit to creativity. We are willing to share our successes and knowledge. It's all about surrounding yourself with like minded people.

Community Not Competition

Build each other up, not tear each other down, that's the moral of the story. While some competition is good, it seems in today's world there is to much drama caused by being overly competitive. Let me tell you, I don't have time for that! I am a firm believer if you are spending time in drama, you aren't taking your craft, business, and life to the next level! Being a productive member of a great community will lift you up and inspire you to amazing heights....but you have to not just talk the talk ...You Must Walk The Walk!

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