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My Favorite Toys!

I often get asked about the products I use in my projects and where I get them. Which I love! I know it can be overwhelming with all the craft supplies that are available now a days. It makes it easier when someone you enjoy watching create shares what they use. It tends to make things a little clearer when trying to choose products to use least it has for me in years past! Now, I use a LOT of different things but wanted to highlight a few that I use in almost every project.

Sometimes Name Brand Is Where It Is At!

I am not afraid of a good deal.... Or trying several brands of the same product to find the right one. But sometimes the name brand is where it is at, so when you can get it at a great price point for a large quantity, strike while the iron is hot! In many of my lives you guys see me decoupage signs for wreaths or swags with napkins from our bundles. I have also used a few different brands of decoupage glue. But I have to say, Mod Podge is the best for my needs. I find is spreads the smoothest and dries evenly. So when I created the favorite tools section of my Facebook page, it was a no brainier to add it into the links. And $27 for a GALLON of Mod Podge?! The iron is red hot!

Save Your Hands Any Way You Can Bows, bows, bows! You guys know I love my bows and I love thinking of new ways to make them! Now, I have been making bows for a long time and can whip one out pretty quickly. But when you start making larger and larger bows, lets not forget my 14 ribbon bow, it's a life saver to have a tool to help hold all that ribbon goodness. So I was thrilled when my pro bow came in. It is a simple board with holes to put pegs in depending on what size bow you'd like to make. Or if your my granddaughter, it's hours of fun in Nana's lap. And the pro bow is so easy to use! There are videos all over on different bows, and I have even showed you guys how to make a few of my favorite ones. It only takes a few trial runs before you get it and your hands wont cramp! Definitely my favorite tool!

Not All Chalk Paint Is Equal I have been crafting long before I came to the internet. And with that I have been using chalk paint for a long time. I love the stuff. It dries quickly, is silky smooth, and has a perfect matte finish. Like with the Mod Podge I have used different brands and found my favorite. I discovered if I make my own with my favorite additive, I get the perfect finish! Dover's Mix is an easy to use calcium carbonite that you add to latex or acrylic paint of your choosing. Which means I can have ANY color chalk paint I want! And you know this girl loves options. Plus it's all natural and non toxic so no worries when crafting with the grand babies!

These are just a few of my favorite tools and there are plenty more. I love being apart of an affiliate program and helping all my followers navigate the craft supply world. Plus it is a great cause! As you guys know I am very involved in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and come from a long line of military service in our family. When you order from my links, a small stipend is sent to me. All of the stipend gets put into an account to help veterans and their families in need. I also want to point out that it the price of the products you order isn't raised one cent to cover the stipend, so it's a win win for everyone! If you would like to order these tools and see my other favorite tools just follow the link below!

Here is the link (affiliate) to all my favorite things

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