Chalk Couture Is At It again!

Can we get a drum roll?! (You guys can't see this but the two of us are excitedly drum rolling!) Chalk Couture is launching a monthly subscription for customers!! Say what?! There is a lot of exciting information so lets not dilly dally and hop right into it! Exclusive B Sized Transfer With your monthly subscription, you will receive a B sized transfer. Which is 8.5"X 11", retailing at $14.99, that will only be available to designers and those that subscribe. 3 Individual Chalk Paste Packets Each month you will get 3 paste packets (about a $6 value) so you can try all the colors Chalk Couture has to offer! Instructions & How To Videos Don't know what to do with each months transfers? No Pro

What a year!

Hello everyone! Long time no blog! The last few months of the year have been very busy for us, but we are working out the bugs and 2019 looks like it will be an amazing year for us! So we thought we would write a blog reviewing our 2018 and what we wish to accomplish in 2019. So grab your coffee and lets stroll down memory lane! Started out a little redneck, still a little redneck, just with fancier equipment! When we started this year we were still filming on a phone in the kitchen trying to figure out the best view for all of you amazing followers. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat to set up and break down! There was often rearranging and lots of "test lives" A.K.A. Alex would go li

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