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Making the world more beautiful one client and home at a time!

As a hair stylist and business owner for over 37 years, I love making my clients feel beautiful and creating stunning decor to accent the beauty of their homes.  A little over two years ago I suffered a catastrophic injury to my leg and ankle that left me with many physical limitations.  I made a decision then that I would not let this unexpected change in my live stop me or define me.  The realization that your life can truly change in an instant, motivated me to move forward at full speed to execute the expansion of my business and brining my love of hand crafting beautiful things to the world.  With the support and encouragement of our family, friends, and clients the boutique was launched to the world wide web in 2016. Our Boutique offers Custom, Handcrafted wreaths, centerpieces, hand painted glass, repurposed furniture, Lawn Art, and various other fun and creative pieces of home decor. I am also an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture.  These amazing products have added a whole new dimension to expand my own creativity as well as the creativity of others that I am blessed to teach.

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