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What a year!

Hello everyone! Long time no blog! The last few months of the year have been very busy for us, but we are working out the bugs and 2019 looks like it will be an amazing year for us! So we thought we would write a blog reviewing our 2018 and what we wish to accomplish in 2019. So grab your coffee and lets stroll down memory lane!

Started out a little redneck, still a little redneck, just with fancier equipment!

When we started this year we were still filming on a phone in the kitchen trying to figure out the best view for all of you amazing followers. And let me tell you, it was no easy feat to set up and break down! There was often rearranging and lots of "test lives" A.K.A. Alex would go live on her personal page to test angles and lighting. Often it ending in Ashley commenting for Alex to "drop a sick beat and hot rhymes" and us having to recover from the giggle fits just to film. But we believe this helped us refine how we do things. You see many people doing lives and other vlogs be very serious and professional. And while there is nothing wrong with that, and we both know when to be professional, we didn't want you guys to see a stuffy mask of who we really are. We learned it was okay to have things go side ways, or that we could stay up late in our pj's and messy buns and still be able to teach you guys a new painting trick or show off a new transfer. And that you guys love us just the way we are! Now, over the year we upgraded to an iPad, followed by the now webcams, and we even have a work space and fancy backgrounds! This has helped us film in a more professional way, and brought our hot mess to you in better video quality! We are even starting to prerecord some videos and editing them with intros and other fun things. Even though we still redneck jimmy rig the camera sometimes. But regardless we feel it's a win win for everyone right?

Groups, Classes, and Videos oh my!

When we first moved to the internet we didn't know just how much work and moving parts there are! Neither of us is afraid of work, but it was a bit daunting at first. There are the free groups we run, plus the paid group, plus doing all the videos for the pages and said groups, on top of messages and email, and you can't forget CRAFTING! But we keep rolling with the punches. It's the only way to survive. And as we overcome each challenge we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We both are working and planning to get things running to the point that it all becomes second nature. The problem is we are crafty people, and if you've ever been around someone like that you know we are famous for "squirreling." Which is a term we use a lot. It means we have lots of ideas and thoughts rolling around in our heads, and sometimes it gets hard to pin them down into place. But even if we have to buy all the day planners our Walmart has, we will conquer it all!

Where do we want to be by this time in 2020?

Coming into 2019 we know we are about to face some hard days. Building businesses is hard work and there are days where you ask yourself "why keep going?" But when we go live, or someone buys one of our creations it makes it all worth it. We get on Facebook and it's like going to a coffee shop to meet up with friends. Many of you are interested in our lives and us in yours. It makes the whole wide world of the internet much more smaller and attainable. And when we are packing up a wreath we know in just a few days, we will be making someones day. When we can make someone smile, all the late nights, frustration with technology, and even the occasional creators block, just melt away and don't seem so intimating anymore. By 2020 we want our little business to be our bread and butter. To have the freedom of doing what we love everyday, and have that pay the bills. Because if you don't enjoy what your doing its a job and not a career right? And we hope that through out the next 12 months we can teach, inspire, and help decorate your homes. Here is to a new year, with new goals and two very stubborn women driving this crazy bus!

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